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the mondo zone

by nelward

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Wyatt raymond
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Wyatt raymond A bubbly & refreshing record that explores funk, synth-pop, and quirky samples. I've had these tracks get stuck in my head off and on for years now, they're just catchy. Favorite track: Artificial Intelligence Kong.
Aquarii Wave
Aquarii Wave thumbnail
Aquarii Wave A poppy and eccentric album filled with sounds that are reminiscent of many onomatopoeia you may associate or identify every day. Each track has a very specific mood that clearly distinguishes itself from the rest, lending each track a specific freshness and identity. Favorite track: s e a f o a m g r e e n.
Michael La Ronn
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Michael La Ronn There's not a bad song on this album. I love how this guy thinks. So quirky, yet amazing chords and composition. Favorite track: s e a f o a m g r e e n.
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POPskotch 02:51
theMONDOzone 02:58
i wanna be an escalator i wanna take u higher i wanna be an escalator i wanna take u higher higher than u've ever been before I wanna take u higher I wanna take u higher I wanna take u higher, higher, higher mmm mmm mmm I wanna wrestle alligators and rip out all their teeth and teach them to drink milkshakes mmmm hmm hmmm so let me be ur escalator at least metaphorically cause I know I can motivate you I wanna take you higher we were born to be different from the rest of the world
my sugar honey princess my sugar says I'm cool cool enough for me my sugar honey princess my sugar says I'm cool cool, cool says I'm cool cool enough for me
Hello fellow dreamer, I’m floating here with you. What should we dream about tonight? I’ll show you something new. Everything these eyes absorb, and more they soon will know Can be projected past the stars, and that is where we’ll go. With sandy eyes we soar through skies. It's freedom, come snag a taste. Keep in mind: there is a point. These visions are not waste. What I mean, you do not know, you think I’m full of hot air. But when I fill up this balloon I swear I’ll take us there! Soon we'll make the perfect paradise to live and breathe in. Nothing is fake inside our minds, there’s hope and love abounding! Hope to not wake and break the spell binding our hallucinations When it ends, we'll still be friends
indoor scene 01:56
fizzPOP 02:28


welcome to the mondozone

Compilation / album and remastering of several tracks I released between Dec 2015-June 2016, as well as 2 new works (tracks 2-3)

a compilation but also an album


released November 3, 2016

Composition, production, guitar & mastering - Nick Elward
album art by Noxlof
"Battle Against a Handsome Opponent" - heavily based on the music of Earthbound for the SNES, especially "Battle Against a Weird Opponent"
"Seafoam Green" melody is based on "Mabe Village" from A Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
Artificial Intelligence Kong - a reworking of Naruto's "Artificial Intelligence Bomb".
Braz_OS - vocals on Super Hopeful World Dreamer remix
Ehiorobo - vocals on Heir to the Sugar Honey Queen remix
James Hunter - vocals on Escalator remix
"thrifty Pete's dirt Cheap deals can't be Beat" mastered by Grant 'Stemage' Henry
Artwork for tracks 1 and 9 by Noxlof
Artwork for track 10 by Mushbuh
Artwork for tracks 5,6,7, and 12 by Braz_OS
Artwork for track 8 by Nate Horsfall


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nelward Atlanta, Georgia

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